Paulo Renftle’s passion for art and photography, cultivated in his family, led him to take his first polaroids in New York at the age of ten, fascinated by the power of this tool, capable of capturing light and time.
He began his career at age twenty when he shot his first international campaign in Bali for a well-known sportswear brand.
The island of the gods became a recurring set for his photoshoots.
Later, his love for luxury watches and supercars brought him to collaborate with the most prestigious brands in the industry.
Over the years, he directed and produced several artistic short films, including “Verdi,” dedicated to the great composer. His short films are rich in symbolism and hidden messages, even in the soundtrack.
A recurring light signature, composition, and geometry could be found in his whole photographic production developed in twenty years career.
His latest artistic series is focussed on capturing feminine beauty at the edge of the photographic spectrum, from timeless nudes shot on black and white film in Sicily to a futuristic floating environment created by laser lights and smoke, as seen on his recent launch on the renowned gallery SuperRare.